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Welcome to Mind and Body Psychiatry

" A holistic approach to psychiatric medicine involves treating the whole person, not just their symptoms. It focuses on addressing the root cause of mental health issues along with managing the symptoms. By incorporating therapy and lifestyle changes with medication management, holistic psychiatry offers a more comprehensive and personalized approach to mental healthcare." -Annamaria Pagani

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

psychiatric nurse practitioner

About Mind and Body Psychiatry

Mind and Body Psychiatry provides outpatient psychiatric services with Annamaria Pagani,  a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner and the owner of Mind and Body Psychiatry. Annamaria provides telehealth services only at this time and is able to see residents of Ohio who are 16 years or older. Please see "insurance" tab for a list of her accepted insurances.  

Annamaria is able to assess, diagnose, and treat mental health conditions with medication. Annamaria practices with a holistic approach, meaning that she also focuses on factors outside of medication that can help give patients the best all around quality of life. 


Annamaria offers genetic testing for psychotropic medications through Genesight.

You can find more information about the GeneSight test at


PLEASE NOTE: At this time, Mind and Body Psychiatry is unable to prescribe controlled substances. This includes medications like stimulants and benzodiazepines. If you are not sure if your medication is a controlled substance, contact Annamaria and she will confirm. Annamaria is able to prescribe all other psychotropic medications.

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